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Designed and developed specifically for H1B employers

Profile/Resume Validation

Our associates review all profiles and resumes to ensure they are thorough, accurate and actionable. Those that meet our standards are 'approved'. You can target your search on these approved candidates and avoid wasting time pursuing empty leads.

Account Activity and Status

Account profiles become inactive after 30 days and members must reactivate them to become active again. This allows you to target your search on candidates who are more likely to be seeking employment. You can choose to view all profiles, or you can choose to view only those that are active.

Configurable Alerts

You can configure alerts to specify location, skills and other criteria you require in your candidates, and you are immediately notified by email as soon as candidates submit profiles that match your criteria.

Community Services

SimplyOPT is more than a job site. We bring international students and graduates together to form a community driven by a common goal--to become gainfully employed in the U.S with H1B sponsorship jobs. Our community network and chat services encourage members to interact and learn from one another. Our Learning Center offers instruction relevant to international job seekers in the U.S. job market. We take cultural differences into account when presenting resume-building guidelines and interview tips.

Interview with Desktop Sharing

You can interview your candidates through our web services. Share your desktop with candidates to communicate your requirements with greater clarity, and pass control to candidates to better assess their performance.


We attract a high concentration of job seekers to our website by reaching out to international students through our partners in education. You will find us in University Job Placement Programs, Boot Camps, ISOs, and Job Fairs throughout the U.S. Students who learn about us are inclined to join our community and pursue their H1B employment through our web and personalized services.