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Designed specifically for our international H1B community members

Employer/Job Discovery

Our tools help you learn about current OPT/CPT/H1B employment and training opportunities throughout the U.S.  Find H1B employers who have sponsored your occupation and skills in the past.  Contact them to gain more personal insight.

Account Activity and Status

Profiles/resumes become inactive 30 days after inactivity and must be reactivated for employers to consider them 'actionable'.  This is our way of preventing employers from wasting time and effort on candidates who may have already found jobs.  This feature attracts many employers to our site.

Network and Problem-Solving

Our community services include a network where you can ask questions about OPT, CPT, H1B, F1 Visa, and other topics unique to international job seekers in the U.S.  Use this to leverage the knowledge and experience of others who have overcome challenges you may be experiencing.

Profile/Resume Verification

Our associates review your online profile/resume to ensure they are complete, accurate, and meet U.S. standards.  These services improve your chances of becoming happily employed with the right H1B sponsorship employer.

Chat and Networking

Join our community and chat with others in your field of study or desired occupation.  Network with community members to learn about job and training opportunities anywhere in the U.S.  "Who you know" often matters as much as "what you know" when finding the perfect H1B sponsorship job.

Guidelines and Tips

Go to our Learning Center and read our guidelines and tips to learn what it takes to get employed in the U.S. job market.  Among other things, our resources teach you how to create a U.S. style resume that satisfies current business and legal guidelines.  Our resources teach you how to conduct yourself during interviews to meet U.S. employer expectations.  All this and much more!